How to Make Leadership Easier–Appraise More Frequently

(Part 6 of 7)

“Performance appraisals are due next week,” a manager lamented.  “Frankly, I’d rather have a root canal.”

More than seventy percent of managers in surveys say they do not like their appraisal process.  Most employees report their performance reviews to be stressful with little helpful feedback.

Many companies have eliminated traditional, annual appraisals because they judged their processes to be of little value and may have been harmful.

Still, managers have an obligation to hold up a mirror and give honest performance feedback to their employees.  Consider the following suggestions for adding value to appraisals while inducing less stress on yourself and team members.

One, quit complaining about your process and appraisal form.  No process/form is perfect.

Two, meet 1:1 with your direct reports monthly to list and discuss last month’s successes and next month’s expectations.  Honestly, report what you like and dislike about each person’s performance.

Three, never argue about your assessment.  Rather, when a person disagrees, respond with something like, “I have a professional responsibility to give you my honest feedback.  I understand you disagree. Please write a note for the file explaining your position.”

Four, encourage growth by developing employees’ strengths; investments in weaknesses provide little return.

What do you think?

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