How to Make Leadership Easier–Favor Team Players When Hiring

(Part 7 of 7)

A member of the selection committee described a job candidate as “outstanding with great technical skills.” 

When another member raised concerns about the candidate’s ability to fit into their team’s culture, the sponsor replied, “I’m aware she may have appeared aloof and a bit arrogant during the interviews, but I think that was just confidence.  Her cognitive test scores are excellent.”

Some members described another candidate as very good technically with a reputation for superior team skills. A member said of the candidate, “She is known for bringing disparate team members together and completing complex projects ahead of schedule.”

While the selection team valued both candidates as top prospects, the debate centered on whether to favor the candidate who had an edge in technical skills or the one who may have been a more effective team player. 

While fifty-three percent of participants in my workshops recommend the candidate with the technical edge, seventy-seven percent say most of their employee problems center around lack of team skills.

Be aware, employees are on their very best behavior during selection processes.  When two or more candidates possess the necessary technical skills for job performance, I favor selecting the candidate with the better team skills.

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