Renewed Energy Indicates Stage 3 of Change

(Part 3 of 3)

“It took a while,” explained a manager, “but my team eventually began to lean into the change.”

“What is different?”  I asked.

“My informal leaders began embracing the new system and became quite adept using its features.  Almost all accepted the new ways and continued learning how to thrive under the “current rules.” 

One sign of Stage 3 may be a subtle energy renewal.  Workloads seem less heavy as members transition from tentative “I’m not sure I’m doing this correctly,” to confidence in how to perform at a high level.   

Members also become more open to learning about opportunities afforded in the new system or policy.  And contributors, once again, become self-assured in their roles and tasks. 

During Stage 3, it is important to verify the link between individuals’ work output and overall team goals.  Be sure to broadcast team accomplishments and individual contributions. 

Be aware that some members may be slower than others to arrive at Stage 3.  And some may experience frustration and lapse back into earlier stages.  Continue to enforce deadlines and encourage late comers but be cautious about spending too much effort on the laggards.  Ensure to all that it is the committed who drive the bus.

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