A Leadership Skill that Few People Have

“For weeks, I have been frustrated,” explained Jamison. “I wanted to provide a new data-sharing service to our clients, but I could not get my colleagues to agree. I researched the service, polled our clients, and fully informed myself.  I still could not get support.” 

Eventually, Jamison asked Bridgette to lead the project.  Bridgette, formed a small task force of colleagues and clients, and asked them to evaluate the value of the data-sharing service.  After a few meetings, Bridgette gain strong support and introduced the service.

Why did Bridgette succeed when Jamison did not?  Jamison operated as an independent expert.  Bridgette’s approach mirrored the suggestions in Heidi K. Gardner’s article on collaboration in Success Magazine.   

Collaboration is simply working together with others to achieve a result. 

Collaborators embrace divergent ideas and learn from them.  Experts attack weaknesses in opposing views.    

Collaborators seek options; experts come to the table with a solution.

Collaborators acknowledge and appreciate their network of colleagues.  Experts disengage non supporters.

Collaborators openly share data on goals, action items, and status updates.  Experts play it closer to the vest. 

Gardner claims that collaboration is the Number 1 desirable skill for success and few people have it. 

What do you think?

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