How to Combat the “Great Resignation”

“I like my job,” a high performing contributor said to me, “but I’m getting very attractive offers from other companies.”

“Are you considering taking a position with another company?” I asked.

“I’m torn.  Another company has offered to pay me 15% more than I am currently making along with a nice signing bonus.  But my company has been very supportive and I get along well with my manager.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes.  The other company allows me to work remotely two days a week.  My current company requires me to work onsite full-time.  During the pandemic, we did work remotely.  My feelings about it are mixed.”

In the months following the pandemic, a record number of employees quit their jobs, causing the writers to label the era “The Great Resignation.”

Job quits caused many companies to increase salaries and adopt hybrid work schedules.  When studying individual companies, however, some had quit rates that resembled mass exoduses while quits at other companies were a trickle. 

Michael Beer, writing in a Harvard Business Review op-ed identifies company culture as the key for retaining contributors.  Leaders who are transparent, accessible and promote employee growth and development have much better retention records.  This, by the way, has been true for decades.

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