Only One in Four Job Switchers Plan to Stay

The answer is, “thirty-six million.”

The question is, “How many employees have quit their jobs in the last nine months?”

Traditionally, the major reason for quitting has been, “I didn’t get along with my supervisor.” However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, according to PEW researchers Parker and Horowitz, the major reasons for the high churn rate have been pay, opportunity, and respect. 

There is no doubt the pandemic caused companies to radically shuffle conventional work routines of their employees.  Some companies laid off employees as their businesses were shut down.  Oher companies quickly learned employees could produce quality work outside of a nine-to-five workday, and they did not have to be onsite to do it. 

As the economy recovered, “help wanted” signs appeared everywhere.  To entice applicants, some companies were quicker to increase wages and approve flexible, remote working.  Like historical accounts of the 1840’s gold rush, employees left in droves to seek these new-found riches and freedoms.

Here is the bad news, according to a Harris Poll survey, only about twenty-five percent of job switchers say they plan to stay.  Before climbing over the fence to a greener pasture, it may be beneficial for you to investigate adjustments your current employer intends to make.      

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