A Three-Part Prescription to Burnout

“It is no fun going to work anymore,” a manager said to me. 

“What has changed?” I asked.

“We have more business than we can handle.  Our supply chain is clogged.  We are struggling with remote work.  Employees are leaving and it is hard to hire people. It is frustrating, sometimes depressing.  I wake up tired and think it may be time to retire.”   

“I believe you may be experiencing symptoms of burnout.  How are you going to deal with it?”

“We need to resolve some of our work issues, but I sure don’t see a path forward.”

Deep personal involvement when struggling to meet excessive demands without energy replenishment often results in burnout.  However, energy replenishment may be a healthier approach than working harder and longer on work issues.

Physical care, spiritual growth, and social engagement can become the energizer bunny for many. 

Our bodies function better when we regularly use all the parts and feed it with proper nutrients.   Motion is lotion and food is fuel. 

A meaningful spiritual life comforts humans during trying times.   

We are herd animals. Fullfilling interactions with family and friends can restock our will to persist.   

What do you think?

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