Do You Engage in OCB’s?

Belinda joined her company one year ago and quickly became a vital team member.  In author Dennis Organ’s words Belinda contributes by exhibiting organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB’s)—value added behaviors that do not necessarily show up in the reward system.

Comments from several of Belinda’s team members reveal examples of her OCB’s.

“She is very sincere and has kind words for everyone like ‘Good morning.’ ‘How are you?’ ‘Thanks for your help.’  Belinda is genuinely polite and respectful of all her teammates.”

“Belinda is reliable.  If she says that she is going to do something, you can take it to the bank.  You do not have to worry.  It will be done.”

“Belinda represents our department well.  We have our squabbles but I’ve never heard her whine or criticize our team to others.” 

“She is one of the first to help when you need it. She saw me struggling with a process that she once did and offered her assistance.  I didn’t have to ask.”

“Do not misunderstand. Belinda does not let people take advantage of her, but she does not hold grudges either.

OCB’s improve team morale; more importantly they enhance performance.

What do you think?

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