Energy, Humor and Involvement Enliven Virtual Meetings

As many as 73% of participants in virtual meetings admit to frequent boredom and distraction.  More than half of virtual participants say they sometimes working on projects unrelated to meeting topics.

Why are many meetings boring?  What creates interest?  The following comments from six participants answer these questions.

“Our leader’s voice tone and nonverbals reveal her passion.  She brings a lot of energy to our meetings and it is contagious.” 

“Carl is just funny.  It’s the way he says things.  And he always seems to have an entertaining story to back up major points.”

“Belinda gets everyone involved.  She asks questions, calls on people to offer solutions, and  conducts polls.  You have to stay alert at all times.”

“The leader’s boring, monotonous comments are totally devoid of energy.  He could put an insomniac to sleep.”

“Did you ask if our leader promotes humor?  I do not recall laughter at any meeting; placid would be a better descriptor.”   

“Our leader talks at length.  My mind drifts to other topics.  Few members speak, even when given a chance.  I think they just want to get out.”

Energy, humor and involvement create high-interest meetings—fortunately any two of these factors will likely cause an interest spike in most virtual gatherings.     

What do you think?

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