My First Day on a New Job

“I went home with a headache, a stomach ache, and doubt,” is the way a new employee explained his first day on the job.  “I spent half of the day in an onboarding session, but I don’t remember much other than places I can’t park.”

When the new employee got to his work station, the person showing him what to do seemed distracted and impatient.

The expression, “You only get one chance to make a first impression,” certainly applies to an employee’s first day.  Unfortunately, most organizations overburden new persons with tediously, boring informational sessions.  You may not be able to change that routine; so, when the employee gets to you, make the experience enjoyable.

Treat the person like a welcomed guest; exchange appropriate personal information; explain what you like about working there; show the employee around; and make sure other team members meet and greet.

Although the new hire may have experience, be sure to get a friendly, high performer to teach him how you do the job here.  For the first couple of weeks, make it a point to chat frequently, answer questions and offer support.

What do you think?

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