How to Handle Career Blockage

career blockage 19“I feel like I’m stuck in my job,” Janice explained.  “I do my job well.  My boss has been good to me, but I’ve been in the same position for almost ten years.  I’m still pretty young in my career and I’d like to be considered for higher-level positions.”

“Have you mentioned this to your boss?” I asked.

“Yes.  He supports me but he is still pretty new.  The company is growing but I get overlooked when new positions open up.”

According to Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric Company and Fortune magazine’s Manager of the Century, it is not enough to meet expectations.  You must over deliver.

Mary’s boss asked her to find out more about a particular training vendor.  Mary over delivered by investigating the vendor plus two others.  Mary also contacted professionals in other companies who had used their services and prepared a summary of each vendor’s strengths and weaknesses, along with estimated costs

You can also over deliver by formulating suggestions for improvements.  Research your industry.  Ask questions.  Learn.  Then speak out.  In meetings, challenge others’ ideas.  Offer options. Tell people what you think.  Back up your ideas with data.  Show up and speak up.

What do you think?

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