The Five Toughest Personnel Decisions

Part 1 of 5

A manager said to me, “I’m concerned about Jacob.  He has really struggled during the last few months.”

“How long has Jacob been with you?” I asked.

“Almost fifteen years.”

“What is Jacob’s performance history?”

“He’s been a pretty good performer, not great but reliable.  The volume in Jacob’s job has increased dramatically and we have become very dependent on technology.”

“Have you trained Jacob sufficiently?”

“Yes, we’ve offered extensive training.  In reality, the job has probably outgrown Jacob’s abilities.”

“Do you have other tasks that you could assign to Jacob?”

“Not really.  We are fully staffed and I’ve shifted tasks as much as I can.”

When a job outgrows an employee’s abilities, I think the company should try to reassign the employee to other tasks.  However, as in this example, reassignment is not always practical.

Another option is to continue coaching and training and hope to get the employee up to speed.  However, this usually does not work.

As tough as it sounds, the better option for both the organization and the employee is to compassionately remove the person from the organization and assist him/her in finding a better fit with another company.


2 thoughts on “The Five Toughest Personnel Decisions

  1. Allow Jacob to choose another team member to address the tasks, challenges, opportunities as a unit of two. Also allow thus unit to seek others for their imput as a consulting unit of three or more. Then a Spirit of a team with the same goals, the options of solutions and the quests as a full circle Team. Jacob will grow not only within but as a leader of others. This Theory put into action by beginning to ask Jacob whom would he like to see as a team member to work with. The up
    Side to create a competition among Jacob’s existing strengths and to encourage others to lift Jacob’s up by the Team efforts versus Jacob’s boss agenda striving to bring a more narrow (one way)! minded approach . Main key is to activiate Jacob first step in choosing another to develop a partnership. !!!!!! If Jacob cannot choose another then the decision to bring in a team of 3 or more must take place. Best Always Dr. Graham. “OnWard” Jerry Wayne (Bazemore ) Arrington – Converse’s roots.

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    • Jerry, good suggestions. With a person like Jacob, the company should try to make it work for both Jacob and the remaining team if there is a feasible way to address the issue. Always appreciate your comments–Converse roots.


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