Is it OK to Drop a Dime on a Coworker?

dime-17Argus, in a conversation with Julius said, “Did you see Daniel come in late again this morning?”

“I did,” responded Julius.  “He pops in late about once or twice a week.  He knows the manager has meetings on Monday and Thursday.  Sooner or later he’s going to get caught.”

“Did you know he’s bugging Sandra to have a beer with him?  I know human resources would not like that.”

From early childhood encounters, we learned that peers do not like snitches.  On the other hand, most employees think it is unfair to continuously cover for slackers.

I don’t think employees should whine about minor defects in their coworkers.  However, should an employee consistently violate company policy or core values, I believe peers should hold each other accountable.

How about the following?  First, mention to the problematic employee that his behaviors could get him into trouble.  If the employee’s bad behavior continues, alert management.

The alert should not be an accusation, just a statement of facts.  For example, “I don’t know if you are aware, but Daniel comes in fifteen to twenty minutes late once or twice a week; and he upsets Sandra because he keeps inviting her to have a drink with him.”


What do you think?

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